While every project will differ a little from the next, our customer portal and production process are designed to keep you in the loop at every stage and to document with certainty every important aspect of your project. With our customer portal you can log on 24/7 and view your written estimate, approved production blueprint, your order form, when your project was sent to production, and if it has shipped to you. Throughout the process you will also receive ample personal attention from our staff and at any time can contact us via your project page or directly at info@directmint.com.


Direct Mint is part of The Geocoin Club, LLC.

The Geocoin Club, LLC began producing high quality coins in early 2005. Since then we have produced over 2 million metal products used in a wide range of applications. Geocaching (Geocoins and Pathtags), Military (Unit/Challenge Coins), Emergency Services Unit Coins, Badges, Pins of all types, Lanyards, and promotional or award coins name only a handful of the items we have produced and can work with you on.

The Geocoin Club owns and operates a variety of web sites focused on producing great metal products. This was our first venture and from where the company gets its name. The club allows Geocachers and other Geocoin enthusiasts to subscribe to our coin of the month club. Each month a new design is produced and shipped to subscribers, similar to a magazine subscription!

The Geocoin Store was next, offering a great variety of predesigned Geocoins and Geocaching products for retail purchase any day of the week.

Then came Pathtags, an interactive trading product which we invented. For only $99 a customer can have an interactive Pathtag created with their custom design on the front side and unique serial number on the reverse. This serial number enables the interactive features available to users of Pathtags.com such as maintaining an online collection and trading by mail with people all over the world.

Direct Mint is our first public venture into the world of custom ordered creations. Direct Minting is when a customer has a design they wish to have made for themselves. Now, you can take advantage of our broad experience and excellent factory pricing and connections to have your projects produced at the highest quality and best pricing!

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